An open door for Oxford's homeless community



As usual we will be preparing Christmas presents for all our guests. Each present consists of a new hat, scarf, gloves, pants/knickers, socks and a bar of chocolate. Donations of any of these items (unwrapped) is very welcome - remembering that about 10% of our guests are female. You can drop off donations at the project Monday - Friday between 4pm-7pm and Sunday 3-6pm. Alternatively contact Katrina on and she will arrange drop off at an alternative time.

Santa's gnomes will then meet at the Gatehouse on Wednesday 16th December to wrap up all the parcels (11am to 3pm). All helpers are invited, including children, provided they are accompanied by an adult.

Our guests also run their own website to showcase their ideas and creativity in all sorts of ways. See here for a glimpse of all that goes on at the Gatehouse.